Yes,  you did read that right!

What’s more,  it works and customers love it! This is a real favourite with the Totally Tubes team. Here’s our second reason your customers will love Totally Tubes…

#2 – Planned Spontaneity 

What does it feel like to be thanked?  It’s awesome right?

We feel good and have a positive vibe all day, often telling anyone that will listen we were appreciated.

Your customers have a database of customers, they could randomly send out a tube or tin as a thank you gift to people off the database.

No purchase needed, no minimum spends or decades of being a loyal customer. It is a simple cost effective ‘thank you’.

 Spontaneity is key

The unexpected nature of this initiative is what makes it so brilliant. The idea that someone just thought of you,  and wanted to appreciate you without you having to give anything. It’s like magic! When you lift someone else, you lift yourself and we all need that!


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