In this series we cover the TOP 5 reasons your customers will want to buy Totally Tubes.

It isn’t always obvious what customers can do with promotional merchandise. We know the bog-standard stuff right, but what about thinking outside the tube on this one…

Our first reason your customers will want Totally Tubes is plain and simple, increased sales!

#1 – Direct Sales Initiatives

FGWP – Free Gift with Purchase. You will have come across this concept in retail.  It has been used for decades and is seen across many different sectors and used with varying values from pence to pounds.

It might be a legal firm offering free (posh) pens with their will writing service or a breakfast cereal brand offering branded bowls with a purchase.

The ‘free’ element needs to appropriately match the spend and is usually only associated to 1 specific product or service.

Biscuit Tubes from Totally Tubes

Nudge up an order value with Totally Tubes

With different size tubes and our premium tin, your customers can use a variety of Totally Tubes as free gifts. That might be a spend X to get a free tube,  or even get a free tube with your second order to encourage repeat purchase.  When customers are appreciated,  they feel valued and are loyal.

The team is a just a call away if you need a biscuit gift in your range 03300 55 55 10

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