Our fourth tip is simple. Not everyone has the budget to buy for every customer

Your customers have to look after their teams,  as much as their customers (as we all do!)

#4 – A low MOQ that works for your customers.

Our time in promotional merchandise taught us MOQ’s can make or break a customer order. Whilst we might understand why some products come with a high MOQ,  it is not your customers problem, they just need a solution.

Why does Totally Tubes work?

Your customers can buy in small volumes with fantastic shelf life so for a relatively small initial outlay, they can easily hold stock and distribute it over a 3-4 month period. Our tubes can be used for a staff gift,  for customers or at an event so the volume can be shared easily even if it isn’t used all in one go.

The Totally Tubes team have a wealth of experience taste testing sweet stuff. Give us a call, we only bite biscuits and happy to chat anytime 03300 55 55 10

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