Eco-Friendly promotional products are key to sales

We are all more aware of the need to reduce plastic and your customers are demanding change,  and rightly so.

Totally Tubes | Our Green Credentials

We designed our brand with the planet in mind. We get feedback that our tubes are upcycled. into pen pots,  bits and bob pots,  shakers and spaceship makers! When they have no extra use, they can be recycled easily at home.

business gifting sustainably is easier with totally tubes

Our tubes are made here in the UK and use FSC card and our sweets come in film that can be recycled at your local supermarket along with plastic bags.  Our tin’s can also be kept as a keepsake or popped in to household recycling.

Offer your customers the greener choice with a personalised gift tube from Totally Tubes.

The team is a just a phone call away. We don’t bite,  unless it’s a shortbread biscuit! 03300 55 55 10


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